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Brand books, best practice guides and internal comms mushroom during lockdown.

Back in March I posted that I was offering a ‘Fast Strategy’ service that had a 24/48 response time, a fixed fee and an instant one-way NDA to protect people new to working with me.

It was interesting the response I got. A few folk looking for ways to expand the thinking into an agency product, and also some new clients.

What it led to was a lot more work in new areas alongside, the mentoring, growth, digital and marketing strategy and pitch support I do. Here's what I've been up to:

Internal operations. It's been useful for small businesses to use this time to look at how they work, how it can be made better (considering home working, collaboration, productivity and a sense of team), and produce the documentation you need to communicate and support it.

Defining brand, and best practice. Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference, for example a recent ‘how to write case studies’ guide I wrote dramatically improved how an agency is telling it’s stories, and is making it easier to produce consistently great case studies. I've also produced several 'brand books', that takes the best of what a business is from its culture and capability, and summarises it in a handbook for staff, partners and clients.

Training. This has been a surprise success during lock down, in that I’ve translated some of the lectures I have done for undergraduates into digital 101’s in different subject areas. They are engaging and fun sessions that work brilliantly on Zoom, and have been a surprising success, offering a low cost, high value break from home working for teams and people working from home.

If you’d like to discuss a project you can get in touch through this website.


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