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The marketing strategy and planning guide is in print, and online.

Updated: Jan 22


01: First principles 3 So what is a ‘strategy’? What’s the difference between a plan and a strategy? So what is communications planning?

02: Is the objective clear?

Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Is the objective clear?

1. Orientation

2. Prioritise and explore

3. Definition

03: Is the brand or product clear?

Brand and product frameworks

04: Is the audience clear?

Do you know your audience?

1. General audience

2. Target audiences

3. Personas

05: Is the context clear?

06: Is there an insight? Insights and propositions What an insight is and why it matters The proposition

07: Is there an internal brief?

08: Summary

Appendix and Glossary Consideration and Conversion KPIs Awareness KPIs

Case Studies Strategy in action


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