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Financial services and the cut-through challenge

One of the big problems with financial services businesses is that, to a larger or lesser extent, they often have very little to say that is actually different from their competitors.

This is why financial services communications (particularly in B2B) is often so generic and vanilla.

In these circumstances, I have found that in my work for UBS Asset Management, it is often how you say what you say that creates the cut-through.

This is not an excuse for sloppy communications planning and rigorous brand and messaging frameworks (which is my craft), but it does point out how important the package is to the effectiveness of the payload.

I think we proved this with the award winning sustainability campaign I planned in 2023, which won Best B2B at The Drum, and Most Effective Sustainable Campaign at the prestigious Finacnial Services Forum. Yes, this included tailored messaging, and messaging matrixes, and full funnel integrated planning, as all good campaigns should, but it also had a visual style that helped it stand out. I believe this was a big contribution to its CTR of x2.5 the industry bechmark for sustainable financial services communications.

To put it simply, investing in high-quality creative communications means that for every £1M UBS Asset Management spends on paid media, their competitors like JP Morgan and Black Rock need to spend £2.5M to achieve the same media impact.

I am delighted to mark the go-live of UBS Asset Management's new content brand, created at Nucco; you can see its first iteration here.

I think this work has the power to create a real standout for UBS AMs' insight and expertise, creating a consistent content vehicle that amplifies the power of the UBS brand.


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