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Pixeled Eggs/BIMA charity website audit launches

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

This has been an amazing project to have led across lockdown, bringing together my work with BIMA and Pixeled Eggs. Completing this audit has been a big investment by Pixeled Eggs into supporting the charity sector.

This first ever audit into UK charity websites assesses how well 411 small and medium sized charities achieve digital best practice, looking at usability, platform choice and technology across mobile and desktop devices. They examine the quality of user journey’s for information seekers, supporter and beneficiaries. The worrying results show a sector already in crisis is poorly placed to use digital as a way of bouncing back.

• Fewer than 2% of audited charities achieved an ‘excellent’ rating

• 41% received a ‘fail’ or lower

• 11% of charities had no website at all

• Almost 1 in 10 had no mobile version of their website

It’s been a huge project to complete, with a rigorous and transparent methodology included in the report.

If you work in or are a partner to charities, this report should be a useful resource that gives you real insight into what best practice looks like and what is, and is not working online for charities.  It includes audit results, methodology, case studies and recommendations.

The launch event by BIMA was a huge success, with over 100 charities joining the reveal, and to hear the lively panel discussion it prompted.

BIMA Launch Of Charities In Need Report On YouTube


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